Your divorce does not have to take on the dimensions of World War III. Our divorce mediators in Clifton Park, New York, can work with you to dissolve your union in a peaceful manner with mediation services.

Capital District Mediation is an alternative to the traditional divorce process. Rather than litigating divorce, we offer couples seeking to end their marriage a fully confidential, effective, and cost-efficient method. Let our skilled and experienced mediators assist you.

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New York Divorce Mediation is:

  • A Positive Solution to a Difficult Situation
  • A Better Way to Reshape Your Lives and Restructure Your Family
  • A “Pro-Family” Choice for Divorce, Helping Divorcing Couples Continue to Be Good Parents
  • Conducted by an Impartial Person Who Helps You to Tailor an Agreement That Is Best for You and Your Family

Divorce Mediation Helps You:

  • Avoid the Huge New York Divorce Legal Fees
  • Avoid Endless Divorce or Family Court Proceedings
  • Keep Your Integrity Dignity Intact
  • Protect Your Children While Still Resolving
    Child Custody and Child Support
  • Control Division of Marital Assets in Separation or Divorce

Serving You since 2001

Professionals with more than 10 years of experience founded Capital District Mediation. Our continuing goal is to provide clients with mediation services of the highest standards. For more information about us and what we do, call (518) 383-6583.
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